Do what you love, and don't ask questions.

The founding members of The Back Pack grew up in Montana and went to school at the same fine arts department in Missoula.  This is where we started working together on short original plays that combined movement, music, dance, and theatre.  We continued to expand our artistic horizons from performance art and theatre to design and fabrication, which is how we fund our collective.

The Back Pack Artist Collective has settled into its new home in East Austin.  We are home to The Back Pack Shoppe and Theatre Troupe, as well as several artists, musicians, and teachers.  The warehouse serves as  a workshop and rehearsal space as well as a gallery for artists in the area to work at an affordable rate.  The goal is to build a community of collaborators working in the same space to discover things they couldn't have alone.  

Space FAQs


Q: "I saw a show at The Back Pack, is this a theatre?"

A:  NOPE! Not even a little bit. The Back Pack is a multi-use creation space.  

Q:  "Do you rent out your space for rehearsals/auditions?"

A:  Heck yeah, we do! Rental for the raised floor studio space starts at $20 per hour.  Keep in mind that our artists may be using their cubicles at any time you're in there.

Q:  "What about performances?"

A: This is a case by case deal. We aren't a theatre, so we probably aren't ideal for your theatrical performance. We do have forty chairs, some lights, a PA system, but no light or sound board (currently).  If the space is right for your performance, rental rates are determined by the specific requirements of the production. 

Q: "I want to do like a mini performance/reading/workshop kind of thing, does that count as a "performance"?

A: This is also case by case. Rental for the event time alone is $20/hr (like rehearsal), but if you need any equipment and set up/tear down time, there is a $40 fee for our time and help.

Q:  "Can I teach my ____ class there?"

A:  Yes, please!  Rental is the same as listed above.  Contact The Back Pack for booking possibilities.

Q:  "Are there shows and events I can go to?"

A:  Always! Check out our calendar as well as Facebook and Twitter to be in the know about all our upcoming events and endeavors! 


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